Salvatore Taddeo Jr.: Why Family Time Matters

Salvatore Taddeo Jr. is a busy professional who serves as President and Chief Executive Officer of multiple companies. Salvatore lives and works in Rumson, New Jersey, with his wife and kids, and he has a reputation as a devoted family man.

“[I want] to always be the best father, husband and best friend to my children and wife,” says Salvatore Taddeo Jr. He fulfills his goals well, spending every spare moment with his loved ones.

The focus that Salvatore Taddeo Jr. places on family might seem inconvenient, but balancing work and life is critical for a healthy home. When you emphasize family time, you’re letting your loved ones know that they are truly your priority in life. It’s one thing to say so, but in this case, actions do speak louder than words. When your loved ones look back on the years, it is the time you took with them that they’ll remember, not your promise that they’re your priority in life.

Family time is especially critical when children are involved.

Salvatore-Taddeo-jrEven fifteen minutes from your day, which is less time than most people spend on Facebook, tells your children that you care. Your kids might not seem to think much about the time you spend with them now, but when they’re older, they will reflect and cherish the moments you spent together.

Don’t wait until you “have time.” Life will always be busy, and it’s up to you to work with that, organize your priorities and find time to devote to your family. This is how people like Salvatore Taddeo Jr. balance work with family. It takes practice, but it is worth every moment spent.

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Salvatore Taddeo Jr.: Mechanical and Structural Design

Salvatore Taddeo Jr. is well-versed in mechanical and structural design. As a property developer, real estate salesman, and small business owner in Rumson, New Jersey, Salvatore Taddeo Jr has to possess a wide range of skills to be successful. Throughout his professional career, Mr. Taddeo has challenged himself to learn as many skills that may be useful in his business dealings as possible.

Salvatore Taddeo Jr is the President of a business consultancy firm called Salangi Enterprises, which helps other small businesses create solutions for a wide range of supply and production problems.

Salvatore Taddeo Jr

Salvatore Taddeo Jr. wanted to immerse himself in mechanical and structural design so that he could help create the physical solutions to as many of his clients’ issues as possible. He’s not a full-time designer or mechanic, but he likes the ability to visualize solutions for his clients and understand how their problems.

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Mr. Taddeo is never satisfied with his own level of expertise on behalf of his clients. He constantly wants to push the boundaries of what he can contribute to his clients’ businesses and more.

Salvatore Taddeo Jr. feels like his work is never finished for his business consultancy clients with Salangi Enterprises. To learn more about Salangi Enterprises, contact Taddeo directly at 732.864.4147

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Salvatore Taddeo Jr: Common Mistakes Made By New CEOs

Throughout the course of an extensive career, during which time he has worked as the President and CEO of a number of companies, Salvatore Taddeo Jr. has had the privilege of meeting and learning from many fellow professionals. New CEOs are of particular interest to him as he runs a consultancy firm. Those who are new to the role should aim to avoid these common pitfalls.

Not Taking Responsibility

As the CEO of a company, the buck stops with you when it comes to performance. If something goes wrong as a result of one of your decisions, you should hold your hands up and take responsibility for the mistake. Most crucially, you also need to learn from the blunder in order to improve. Those who don’t take responsibility fail to absorb lessons from their own work, meaning they don’t evolve.

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Ignoring Company Culture

Practically every company has a culture to maintain and this often ties into branding and other marketing efforts. You should understand what yours is, or what you hope to create if it is a new company, and focus on ways to implement your ideas. Fostering a positive company culture will keep employees happy, making them more motivated and productive.

Letting Fear Take Hold

A lot of key decisions will have to be made, so it is important that you don’t allow fear of your new responsibilities to dictate your actions. Keep yourself well informed and understand there is risk attached to even the most minor decisions. Salvatore Taddeo Jr. has enjoyed success as a CEO because he is able to confront this fear.

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Salvatore Taddeo Jr: Things That All Chefs Need

Salvatore Taddeo Jr. is a talented chef who has studied his craft at the French Culinary Institute. He delights in trying out new things and creating meals that his entire family can enjoy with him. If you would like to follow suit, keep in mind that there are a number of things that you will need in order to be a good chef.


Once you start developing an understanding of how ingredients go together to make dishes, which is generally developed through education, experimentation and examining existing recipes, you can let loose with your creativity. The best chefs are able to put their own spins on existing concepts or, if they are really talented, create completely new dishes that have never been seen before.

Attention To Detail

Ensuring that you use the right amount of each of your ingredients is crucial to the success of your dishes, as using too much or too little of an ingredient can change the consistency and taste of the food. This means that chefs must have amazing eyes for detail so they can make adjustments when needed and avoid mistakes when preparing their meals.

Multitasking Skills

Chefs need to be able to do multiple things at once, especially when creating particularly complex meals. They should have one eye pointed towards the clock at all times, so they know how long their ingredients have been cooking for, while also being able to do additional prep work, cleaning and the many other tasks that are associated with the profession.

Salvatore Taddeo Jr. is a talented chef and business owner. He can be reached at 732.864.4147.

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Salvatore Taddeo Jr: How To Write An Effective Business Plan

As the founder and President of a number of businesses, including Salangi Enterprises and Sallee Figs, Salvatore Taddeo Jr. has written a number of business plans during his extensive career. Getting this right ensures your business gets off to the best start, while also allowing you to plan ahead for the future. If you are struggling, try to keep the following in mind.

Accentuate The Vitals

There is some information in your plan that is going to be more important, particularly to potential investors and lenders, than other data. This means that you need to place the key points front and center, so they can be accessed easily by those who need to make key decisions.

Focus On The Finances

The financial details that surround the business are crucial, as failure to keep a tight leash on where money goes out and how you generate revenue leads to a loss of focus, often resulting in the business failing before it can get off the ground. Know your budgets and account for every single penny you spend. Always have one eye towards cutting costs and opening new revenue streams.

Consider The Competition

Few businesses are able to open safe in the knowledge that they have no competitors to deal with. You should aim to create detailed reports on all similar businesses in your area, paying particular attention to what makes them unique. You can then use this information to set yourself apart.

Salvatore Taddeo Jr. is the President of Sallee Figs and Salangi Enterprises LLC. More information can be found at, e-mailed at, or by calling 732.864.4147.

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Salvatore Taddeo Jr. Catalogues Varieties of Sallee Figs

The fig tree varieties grown by Salvatore Taddeo Jr’s Sallee Figs in 2016 include, but are not limited to:Abruzzo, adella, Adriatic, aked, alma, altreano, bataglia, black greek, black jack, black mission, black Spanish, brown turkey, bournabat, California dark, Carolina dark, celeste, Chicago hardy, chico Saratoga strawberry, col de dame, conadria, cucumber, dannys delight, dark portugese, dark red, Deanna, desert king, diana, domenic, double header, dr. chet, drap diore, dwarf, egg harbor, ella, encanto brown turkey, encanto red, English brown turkey, falls gold, fico santo, figgy, galban, gene long branch, genoa, ginoso, golden celeste, gomera, grandpa, green ishia, greer, hardy black, hunt, igo, Italian honey, Italian purple, Italian purple beefera, Italian red, jack black, kadota, king wood, lattarula, Lindsay, long yellow, longbranch cedar avenue 1,2 and 3, lsu purple, macool magnolia, malcolms giant, malta, Mario, Marseilles vs, melanzana, Michigan dwarf, mulberry street, mystery a, mystery x, negronne, neri 1, neri 2, neveralla, nuhurskii, Oregon honey, orphan, Osbourne, panache tiger, pane vino, peters honey, ponza, popps purple, red bank, round hill, saint Anthony, saint Jerome, san javiar baja vern, san pietro, santa margherita, santo, shih berdy 3, Sicilian, staten island, stella, strawberry jam, strawberry verte, sweet George, Tennessee mountain, texas blue giant, texas everbearing, trojano, Vashon, vasilika sica, verte, verte petite, very dark greek, violet, violette dauphine, vista, washam, wells weep, white, white gilette, white oc, shite paradiso, wild pa, woman, wuhan, and yede vern.


Salvatore Taddeo Jr. has delighted in learning about the propagation of the fig, and has steeped himself in their proper environment and growth.

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Salvatore Taddeo Jr. Attends Institute of Design and Construction

Salvatore-Taddeo-JrSalvatore Taddeo Jr. completed his high school education and enrolled in the Institute of Design and Construction, a non-profit technical college at 141 Willoughby Street in Brooklyn. IDC is now closed, but its founding goes back to 1947 when Vito P. Battista who was a first generation Italian-American architect and member of the New York State Assembly. IDC held forth a purpose to assist the building construction industry by offering instruction which was about the real world of construction. IDC tried to give a high quality of education for reasonable cost, and wanted students to feel an incentive to continue their education at a higher level. IDC had a structured study program with small classes and professional teachers. The Veterans Administration approved IDC’s program in 1952 and in 1955 became a not-for-profit institution with studies leading to a Certificate in Architecture and a Certificate in Engineering. The New York State Board of Regents authorize IDC to confer Associate Degrees of Occupational Studies in Architectural Technology, Building Construction Technology and Building Systems Design Technology, and the school was approved for Pell Grants, in 1974. ODC became a complete college in status in 1975.

Salvatore Taddeo Jr.’s choice to attend the Institute of Design and Construction enrolled him at one of 6 community colleges in Kings County, New York. The student teacher ratio at IDC was always low, 16 to 1, even up to the year of its closure due to declining enrollment. The tuition at the school was less than half the state average of $16,085.

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