Salvatore Taddeo Jr: Common Mistakes Made By New CEOs

Throughout the course of an extensive career, during which time he has worked as the President and CEO of a number of companies, Salvatore Taddeo Jr. has had the privilege of meeting and learning from many fellow professionals. New CEOs are of particular interest to him as he runs a consultancy firm. Those who are new to the role should aim to avoid these common pitfalls.

Not Taking Responsibility

As the CEO of a company, the buck stops with you when it comes to performance. If something goes wrong as a result of one of your decisions, you should hold your hands up and take responsibility for the mistake. Most crucially, you also need to learn from the blunder in order to improve. Those who don’t take responsibility fail to absorb lessons from their own work, meaning they don’t evolve.

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Ignoring Company Culture

Practically every company has a culture to maintain and this often ties into branding and other marketing efforts. You should understand what yours is, or what you hope to create if it is a new company, and focus on ways to implement your ideas. Fostering a positive company culture will keep employees happy, making them more motivated and productive.

Letting Fear Take Hold

A lot of key decisions will have to be made, so it is important that you don’t allow fear of your new responsibilities to dictate your actions. Keep yourself well informed and understand there is risk attached to even the most minor decisions. Salvatore Taddeo Jr. has enjoyed success as a CEO because he is able to confront this fear.


About Salvatore Taddeo Jr.

Salvatore Taddeo Jr. is an experienced & successful business man from New Jersey.
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